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Solar Panels are Popular!

Over this summer we have installed a huge number of solar systems for home owners, businesses and developers.

Here is a view of a relatively small system.  On the front of the house are four in-roof panels.  There are a further four panels on a flat part of the roof, out of site from the ground.

The system size is 3.4kW and is using a SolarEdge inverter with individual panel optimisation.  SolarEdge optimisers are designed to maximise the performance of each panel.  Installing panels on different aspects of the roof will allow for the maximum performance for each panel and in turn the whole system.

June 2023

Tesla Powerwall Anyone?

We have been busy installing Tesla Powerwalls. This has been installed to supplement an existing solar installation (don't forget that we also install solar systems).

The client has a four kilowatt solar system and was exporting a lot of electricity. Now they can both store their surplus generation and top up the Powerwall overnight at a cheap rate.

April 2023

SolarEdge Home Battery System.  Going Off-Grid

A customer in South Croydon wanted to minimise their electricity bills.  The solution is a large domestic solar system linked to a pair of 10kWh SolarEdge Home Batteries.

In the summer this has provided sufficient energy to minimise the purchase of peak energy.  All power used within the home is drawn from the hybrid inverter, which controls both the solar panels and the batteries.

SolarEdge has the edge on storage of solar energy by allowing the battery to charge directly from DC energy from the panels.  This is an improvement on the majority of systems where the energy is converted from the DC coming from the panels to AC (which is the electricity type in the home) and then back into DC to charge the battery.

During the winter the customer can charge up the batteries with off-peak electricity and avoid almost all on-peak charges (they have two electric cars so will inevitably find they have to charge from the grid during the day occassionally)


How was your February?  We enjoyed Valentines 💘 day, survived National Marriage Week, and a diet is now needed after Shrove 🥞 Tuesday. World Thinking Day gave us something to think about… 🤔

We’ve had a very busy month with lots of varied electrical jobs, and a further increase in solar enquiries.  And with our order of Tesla Powerwall batteries due to arrive in March the timing was perfect.

Should you have any questions on the benefits of a solar installation for your property, or would like to arrange an appointment for a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please look on the solar page of our website for some more information.

How about a brain teaser to finish off February?!  This one had us head scratching for a while!

What three numbers, none of which is zero, give the same result whether they are added or multiplied?

We shall reveal the answer in next month’s blog!

July 2023

New Dining Room Anyone?

We have been impressed by the choice of light by one of our clients.

We thought you may like viewing this light we have just fitted for one of our clients.

We have completed a partial rewire of the kitchen and utility including both socket and lighting circuits. We were busy chasing walls, running cables above the ceiling and now after the decorators have finished we have returned to fit this light as the completion of the project.

We think the light selected. are a tasteful addition to a stylish room. What are your thoughts?

May 2023

We are proud to announce our anniversary of our joining TrustATrader.  We selected TrustATrader as this organisation as they are promoting good workmanship from reliable tradesmen.

We value our reputation for quality and reliability and believe this is is a good match for our ethos.

Please visit our listing on our page the TrustATrader site to see all our reviews.

TrustaTrader Anniversary

Small solar system installed on new build property.

March 2023

This customer, who is a developer, was building a small house in South Croydon.  They required a 0.75kWpeak system to meet planning requirements. Here you can see two JA Solar 380W panels.

The planning requirements have been met and the house can be signed off for occupation.

Another satisfied customer!

This is the third property where we have installed solar panels for this developer.  We are looking forward to working with this them again.


🎉🎆🥳 Happy New Year to all!   Well, with the Christmas and New Year break all but a distant memory, Solid Electrical launched into a spectacular month with some very exciting jobs.

Solar installation work, along with storage batteries are showing no signs of slowing, and we’ve also had a high volume of EV Charging work to undertake, and the the same can be said for the day to day electrical work!

Further good news, the second of Solid Electrical’s series of Help Guides, “Consumer Units & Fuse Boards” is now available to read on our website. 

We are producing these guides in an effort to answer some of the general questions you may have regarding the topics we cover, and of course we might inspire you! Please click here to take a look.

Please stay tuned for the next help guide, we’ll be shedding light on the often confusing world of USB!  🔌