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Solid Electrical Services is qualified to design, install and maintain fire alarm systems for domestic and commercial premises.

The correct design and maintenance of a fire alarm system is critical to its performance when it is needed.  Most alarms will never be used, but it is when the alarm is required to save lives that the quality of the system will prove itself.

Unfortunately it is not commonly known the sensors within fire alarm systems last either seven or ten years.  A significant number of systems we see have expired sensors, which are not guaranteed to work when required.  We can visit your premises to check the expiry date of your sensors and assess the overall condition of the system.

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Fire Alarm Panel Service
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Fire Alarm Maintenance in Croydon

We are registered as a Fireco Professional Installer and are able to offer their DorGard Professional products to enhance a fire alarm system.  These can be retro-fitted to existing systems and are used to control fire doors, allowing the easy operation and retention of doors during normal daily activity while safe in the knowledge that the doors will close in the event of a fire.

Always choose a qualified installer for your safety. 

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* Our association with the NICEIC, Checkatrade, Trustmark, FireCo and IWA are through our partnership with Fusion Electrical Services Limited, and our association with the BFA is through our partnership with Solid Franchising Limited